{I hope everyone enjoys these resources! Please use discernment–I do not necessarily endorse every single message that these sites or books cover! And I believe that most of these authors and bloggers would be the first to tell you that they are not perfect. I am not perfect. Please, use resources as tools–but always compare what we say to the Scripture! If it doesn’t line up, always go with what the Bible says!}

Websites and Blogs that I Enjoy

The — This is a fantastic resource, challenging young people to “do hard things” for Christ.

A Holy  — Bestselling author Ann Voskamp is one of my favorite authors! Her lyrical prose is breathtaking, and she shares her heart on this blog. Her joy and grace have been a huge encouragement to me! Please see my notes on her book below for a couple concerns. Her writing is definitely profitable, but I do not agree with a couple of her conclusions.

A Thousand Daily Deaths — My friend Kyleigh blogs about the joyous little blessings in her life, a lot of fantastically fun friends, and the lessons God brings to her heart. I’d encourage you to visit her blog and soak in her grateful, rejoicing-in-life spirit! Thanks, Kyleigh, for sharing your life with us!


Christian Living:

One Thousand Gifts  — Ann Voskamp’s book was a life-changer for me. She is so poetic in her fresh, penetrating present-tense prose. I disagree with her portrayal of God as “inside time.” Because of the intense emotionalism of her poetic prose, she can go a bit far in making statements that don’t have Biblical backing. In another of her books she calls time “God’s tears,” a statement both subjective and groundless. While many–or most–of the time Christ comes through as mighty, sometimes Mrs. Voskamp portrays him as being passively and helplessly acted upon and manipulated by humans instead of emphasizing the choice He made to become flesh and suffer with us. Some have accused her of a sort of veneration of nature called panentheism (different from panthesim). While I cannot say that I agree with their assessment, I would encourage readers of Mrs. Voskamp to take all her writing to Scripture. Nevertheless, I do love One Thousand Gifts. This book is a ground-shaking challenge to joy.

Lessons I Learned in the Dark — Jennifer Rothschild is blind. But, boy, can she see. Her books are honest and hilarious as she takes us along on her faith journey through darkness.

Lessons I Learned in the Light — What is God like? How do we live in His light? Jennifer Rothschild shares Scripture to light our path.

Let Me Be a Woman — I love Elisabeth Elliot. Her testimony is fantastic, and her godly womanhood an inspiration. Of her books that I have read, Let Me Be a Woman is by far my favorite. Her style is at once beautiful and conversational. The book is written as a series of notes to her engaged daughter on the topics of womanhood, singleness, and marriage as gifts from God.


Evidence Not Seen — Written by Darlene Deibler Rose about her experiences in a Japanese prison camp during WWII, this book is my favorite biography. In fact, this book made Psalm 27 my favorite chapter in the Bible! This woman’s story is a faith-boost!

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