—– This person that’s me…well, you might laugh to know me. A touch of whimsy, a love of the beautiful, a thirst for stories, a longing for a life well-lived. Dollops of cream, a tall mug of steaming tea, and long shelves lined with books I call friends. Most of all, a passion that I may know Him, that glorious Christ. —–

I know what it is like to be a girl. Today, womanhood is a challenge. There are so many confusing messages, so many hard decisions.

With this blog, I want to make use of the struggles and lessons I’ve had to wade through. Sometimes I take passages word-for-word out of my journals. God is doing many wonderful things in my life, teaching me through all these winding paths. I hope that by sharing my own heartaches and dreams and awakenings, God will use them to make you strong.

Please comment and share your thoughts, dreams, lessons, and questions! I want to pray for you.

We’re all on a journey, sisters. Let us have joy in it, because of who Jesus is!

In Him,

One thought on “About

  1. Hi Shelbie,
    I wish we could see you and B more, O and of course mom and dad.
    WE LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!

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